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History of "Pokany workshops"

ფოკანის მაღაზიაThe creation of "Pokany workshops" in 2000 appears especially significant for our enterprise – because of the coincidence with the beginning of the century. The strife of the founders was ambitious and simple: to restore the ancient traditions of the Georgian goldsmiths and enamel craftsmanship. With blessings of His Holiness Ilia II, Patriarch of Georgia, and with the Endeavour of Mother Superior Elisabed of St. Nino Convent in Poka, the monastery became the place where we started to revive the traditions of work on enamel, and under the guidance of david Kakabadze the “Pokany” studio was established. At that starting point “Pokany” was concentrated preferably on manufacturing and production of articles and wares particularly for the church service requirements and use.

Eventually, the following years brought the increase and widening of "Pokany" production line.

2005 - The year was marked for” Pokany” by the introduction of a new line in the sphere of ceramics.

2007 – The year was marked by the introduction of a totally new sphere of mosaic, and “Pokany” succeeded in its significant development.

ფოკანის მაღაზიაThe following years are marked by the active participation of the “Pokany”– with a variety of its produce, in exhibitions in Tbilisi and beyond the borders of Georgia; "Pokany" took part in exhibitions in Rome (2007) and in Paris (2008).

Beginning from 2010, the conventional adornment and decoration line was added to the initial church service objects and "Pokany workshops" was founded.

Since ancient times the cloisonné enamel, grenetis (tsvara) and filigree were acknowledged as royal craftsmanship, with cloisonné enamel considered of the highest rank. "Pokany workshops" strives to restore the traditions of Georgian enamel, skills of goldsmiths, mosaic and ceramics; to re-establish centuries-old technique and to ensure the further enrichment and perfection of the art on the basis of modern technologies. This is the reason that the "Pokany" trademark is represented by an image of a lily on the background of the diamond section. 

Basically, all our articles and wares are the result of david Kakabadze’s research, inspired by the color range and ornamentation accumulated in the "Genesis of Georgian ornament".

ფოკანის მაღაზიაConventional articles of "Pokany" represent a harmonious blend of old Georgian ornamentation motives and symbols – with the modern forms stylized by designers. We link and unite the history of fine arts with the future – by restoration of the ancient traditions of Georgian goldsmiths and enamel, the traditions that survived the centuries and reached the present, and by mastering and implementation of the latest technologies in gold and silver ware and fine arts.


2005 – Ilia II, Catholicos Patriarch of Georgia awarded the Patriarchate Official Document to david Kakabadze, Art Manager of the church-oriented “Pokany”, as the sign of “Recognition of selfless activity in Georgian Church and significant contribution in restoration of art of enamel”.

2010 – “Phokany” was entered on the List of the World Jewelry Companies, members of Carl Faberge Memorial Foundation. For the contribution in the field of jewelry “Pokany workshops” was awarded honorary decoration – Order of Mikhail Perkhin. 


"Pokany" creates the church wares and conventional adornments by merging the best traditions of the Georgian goldsmiths and Georgian enamel – with the latest technologies. To that should be added the articles that are created applying the micro-mosaic technique – which at present is accomplished only in two countries of the world, Italy and Georgia. The "Pokany" produces also hand-painted ceramics and porcelain, crockery, bathroom crocks and decorative jars, plates and china artifacts. The produce is divided into two major parts – that of the church needs and of the public use. The church-oriented "Pokany" customers are represented mainly by churches and monasteries, or the physical persons of the clergy, while the public clientele is mostly consists of the persons with substantial and/or high income.

ფოკანის მაღაზიაApart from adornments, the public-oriented "Pokany" produces crockery and earthenware, vessels, china and decorative articles. The France-supplied porcelain, glazed earthenware, so called biscuit linen of the highest quality is illustrated and undergoes the obligatory furnace-treatment in "Pokany".

The number of staff members and personnel of the Company exceeds 100 persons. The features that characterize the produce of the Company are quality and uniqueness; the similar products simply do not exist because they are created according to exclusive design. "Pokany" succeeded in implementing the restored complicated technique of the Georgian goldsmiths and cloisonné enamel, preserving the traditional ornamentation and style, to which the 21st century latest technologies have been added. 

What we are proud of?

Only ten years have passed since time when the church studio of “Pokany” started to work and the Company steered a course for the further development. The years-long tireless work and active learning equipped us with the ability to perfect the produce, honing and providing it with extraordinary style that ignites the delight of the customers.

The name of "Pokany" today signifies much more. The initial church source of success-destined studio developed, and beginning from 2010 it serves the task of beautifying the public life – with wonderful and unconventional adornments, accessories and objects and articles of daily life.

Doubtlessly, the public produce was strongly supported by the already qualified skills of the craftsmen – and by that time the thriving Company, but with the implementation of an absolutely novel sphere a number of complications sprang up. Still, in that case the tireless work and matchless expertise yielded result – so we can safely declare that "Pokany" jewelry successfully undertook the development of the brand – and of fine arts itself in Georgia.

What is most important, "Pokany" never loses its originality and states its own word in the world of jewelry. By restoring and honing the ancient technologies, applying the latest achievements of technique using the old ornamentation blended with the most beautiful forms created by designers, the unique adornments and decorations of “Pokany” are created.

Cloisonné enamel

The creation process of adornements begins with the processing of silver and gold, and purification, from other possible substances. After molding the needed form to the metal, begins the next step of its processing, and follows the stage of setting cloisonné enamel, mosaic and precious stones; often several materials are utilized together. 

The first stage of setting the cloisonné enamel begins with preparing golden partitions, molding their form and setting adornment or image / icon. That is followed with the setting of colored enamel applying a brush or a needle, and then follows the process of furnace-treatment of the object.


The micro mosaic treatment process of adornment starts with preparing the smalt. The smalt is softened on fire, then molded to the required form and stretched to the needed size; then the smalt is crushed and an image or ornament is set on a silver or golden form, with its successive gluing applying special glue.


The case of ceramics, porcelain and glazed faience represents a different picture, because from Limoge, France "Pokany" gets the so-called biscuit, i.e. crockery that had already undergone a single furnace-treatment; in "Pokany" ceramics workshop the received articles are covered with pencil drawings, glazed with colored paints – and after covering them with transparent glaze, they undergo the furnace-treatment.

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