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2011-08-17 -
2011-05-17 - Successful and crowded exhibition of Pokany
2011-05-06 - "Pokany" exhibition - May 7.8.9
2011-03-28 - David Kakabadze on the business negotiations with BUCCELLATI
2011-03-17 - Annual international watch and jewelry show "Baselworld"
Annual international watch and jewelry show "Baselworld"

  Annual international watch and jewelry show  “Baselworld”  is being held in Basel, Switzerland, from March 24 - 31, 2011. - Each spring, the world"s most renowned brands  as: “Cartier”, “Vulgari”, “ Gucci”, “Chanel”, “Rollex”, “Chopard”, “Van Cleef & Arpels”, “Hermes”, “Patec Philippe”, “Corloff” and others display their collections from the watch, jewellery and precious-stone industries, showcase their latest developments and innovations in Basel.
Georgian  jewellery company  “pokany workshops” (The Georgian brend) is invited on “Baselworld” 2011exebition-show for the firs time and will show off its pruducts (cloisonné enamel, micromosaic and jewelry) in exhibition hall provided especially for “Pokany”.
Participation of Georgian jewelry brand “pokany workshops” in “baselworld” 2011 is of significance importance due to major factors, such as:
• Popularization of Georgian cultural heritage;
• Display abroad the jewelry made with ancient Georgian art – traditional cloisonné enamel, Georgian ornaments and range of colors;
• Inclusion of Georgian cultural heritage into international cultural processes;
• Popularization of Georgian  trading mark and  brand “Pokany”, diffusion of traditional Georgian art and historical data based collection;

Pokany BaselTaking part in “Baselworld” 2011 “Pokany” does not limit itself with popularization of Georgian traditional art and jewelry, but also implies making contacts with internationally established companies and jewelry houses. Meetings and talks with big and renowned companies are sheduled, that naturally means sighing contracts with significant jewelry brands in terms of future cooperation.
Popularization of Georgian brand Pokany Workshops dates back to exhibitions held in Rome 2007 and Paris 2008. Pokanys pieces of art are seeing service in a number of churches and monasteries in Georgia and abroad.
Inviting pokany for annual international jewelry show “Baselworld” signifies international recognition of Georgian brand, the fact going far beyond popularization of Georgian culture and history, will contribute into investment market development and creation of additional working places.

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