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2011-08-17 -
2011-05-17 - Successful and crowded exhibition of Pokany
2011-05-06 - "Pokany" exhibition - May 7.8.9
2011-03-28 - David Kakabadze on the business negotiations with BUCCELLATI
2011-03-17 - Annual international watch and jewelry show "Baselworld"
"Pokany" exhibition - May 7.8.9

With the support of the Ministry of Culture, "Pokany Workshops" invites you for the exhibition "Ten years of art history", marking the 10th anniversary of "Pokany". The exibition will hold in the hotel Radisson Blu Iveria, on May 7, 8 and 9.
On the exposition will be presented the best items created in "Pokany" during the period, preserved in private collections and Georgian churches, and also the new jewellery with cloisonné enamel, micro mosaic and precious stones, and the hand-painted porcelain.

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